Tuesday, February 22, 2005

reunited and it feels so good

okay so the craziest thing happened, I got contacted by one of my old high school best friends, Bianca, and I hadn't talked to her in about 10 years. But the really weird thing was i was just thinking of her, I was driving to work yesterday and I saw an old Nissan Sentra just like the one she use to drive when we were seniors, and i thought, gosh i wonder what Bianca is up to? And then literally, today, I got an email from her... it is so crazy when you put stuff out into the universe like that, it ends up coming back. In high school her dad worked nights at the local jail, so we were partying all night every night at her house until 6am when her dad came home from work. He'd also made the mistake one day of telling her she could paint her room however she wanted, so we promptly had a painting party that consisted more of writing things on the walls-- qoutes to live by, pictures of each other, our tagger names, just plain silliness. And so since she didn't want her dad to know that we were all coming over at night, we all only came in through the window.


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