Tuesday, February 22, 2005

rain makes l.a. really pretty

I saw a rainbow this morning, not one of those half-kinda-in-the-sky-half-bow but a real fucking huge end to end rainbow. Cheesy, i know, but it really made my morning on the drive to work. Despite all the houses falling off the hills, flooding, and sink holes, Los Angeles does look really amazing when it rains. Every normally brown dead hill has come alive, green and gorgeous. Driving over the 405 this morning into the valley, I saw streams and mini waterfalls in the crevices of the hills right past the Getty. The last time I went to the Getty, I stared out from one of the balconey's onto the L.A. basin, and all I saw was brown and grey and a few semi-green palm trees. But today, L.A. is beautiful, gorgeous, majestic. If I wasn't already having a love affair with the city, I would certainly be trying to edge my way in now! And I know it's glamourous to live in the Hills and be cool, but I guess it's not really that cool when your house starts to fall down the embankment. Or your driveway is blocked by 8 feet of mud. Maybe that is why people in Malibu really drive SUV's. Every few decades it becomes a jungle out there...


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